SpeedRunMatch.es (beta)

Frequently Asked Questions

Something weird happened/The site broke

If you get some weird errors or unexpected things happening, please email as many details as you can remember to betaproblems@speedrunmatch.es and I'll take a look at it and try to sort it out.

What is this site? What is it for?

At the moment, this site is a utility to help you coordinate races with your friends or anyone in particular.

You use this site to handle the timing and give your viewers somewhere to watch all of the racers' streams at the same time.

Do I have to sign up?

If you want to watch, no. If you want to race, yes.

Why isn't my stream showing up?

You probably haven't authorized the speedrunmatch.es 'application' on Twitch yet. There should be an annoying thing at the top of your page telling you to do that. If there isn't, go to your profile and click the link there. Once you've authorized, your stream will appear.

Someone stole my channel.

No they didn't. That's why I make you authorize on Twitch. If someone did somehow steal your channel, you'll need to contact Twitch support because they were logged in as you there.

Someone stole my username

This sort of thing happens. I can't make a habit of changing people's usernames on them. In general I won't change any usernames and you'll just have to make a variation on the name you usually use. In special cases I might consider it, especially if you can show me you have a US trademark on that name.

In general though, just add an underscore to it or something. Way less of a hassle.

What will this site become?

The plan is to turn this site into something you can use to organize larger tournaments or leagues. More details to come.

Why did you make this site?

There were basically two reasons I decided to make this site. The first is that I just had the desire to make something like this. I wanted to make something that took all the ideas out there and combined them into one easy to use tool. Obviously, I haven't done that yet, but this is still in beta and I'm actively adding things.

The second reason is that, while I am a professional developer, none of my work is something I could show a potential employer or client since it's all privately held IP that is used internally. This is something I can make and have available to show people.

Why isn't there anything on the front page?

I have some plans for the front page after some later releases. I don't want to put something else there now for fear that people will freak out if I take it away later.

Can I get my stream featured?

Nope. As of now, no streams will be featured. If you are in a race and choose to have that race listed, it will show up in the list of races.

No particular streamer will be treated specially. That includes me.

What if I just want to speedrun without racing someone?

Awesome! Speedrunning is a great hobby, and good practice for racing. However, if you aren't racing, it doesn't belong on this site. It'll make more sense as more features are implemented.

There are other sites which allow you to feature yourself speedrunning (like SDA and SRL). Go get yourselves involved in their communities and they might put you on their front page when you're streaming solo speedruns.

Isn't this site a little too simple?

For now, yes it's pretty simple. I was trying to get the most basic functional thing I could up so that I can build on it as I go. If this does not suit your needs right now, we're cool. Feel free to check back every now and then to see what's changed.

I expect to have a major release at least every two months, faster if nothing else is taking my time.


That's in the maybe pile. I could imagine something where you set a 3 hour period where people can do as many runs as they can and the person with the fastest time in that 3 hours wins. If I get enough interest, this could be added.

What kind of games can I race?

Any game that you can win can theoretically be raced. For example, you can race practically any Mario game. However, you might have a hard time racing Dwarf Fortress.

Actually, if you agree with the other racers on a win condition, you can even race games that don't have an ending.

Does this site blacklist any games?


As I said in another answer, if you agree with the other person on an objective, you can figure out a way to race practically any game, even if the game doesn't have a traditional win state. Due to that, this site will allow you to race any game.

How do you speedrun [game]?

The two I hear the most are Skyrim and World of Warcraft. I know it's a joke, but I'll pretend you're serious.

To speedrun Skyrim, start at the beginning and finish the main quest line as fast as you can. To speedrun/race WoW, pick a quest that you consider the “final” quest and line and go there.

In general, just figure out where the end is and get there. If there's a group of people already running it, they'll have picked something, if not, just pick something yourself. As long as you convince other people that it makes sense, you're fine

Is the timer accurate?

Accurate? Yes. Precise? Not as much as you'd hope. I might be able to deal with some of that as we go on, but much of the problem lies with Javascript.

I strongly recommend that you get another timer that runs on your computer and use that for your official timings.

I want you to add/change something.

Send those sorts of things to betaproblems@speedrunmatch.es as well. I make no promises to add anything, but knowing what people want will help me know where I should be spending my time.

Who are you?

This will be my one plug. I'm Kadono. I stream on twitch at http://twitch.tv/kadono_. Although if you have issues/problems/concerns please don't contact me there, send those to betaproblems@speedrunmatch.es.

I'm certainly not an A-Class speedrunner, so don't expect that. I am a professional programmer though, which is why I made this.